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Your body language is very important in seducing women because it is what gives off the signal that you are the right man for them. Body language tells the women that you are interested in her and if used correctly gives off this alpha male persona that attracts so many women. The way you walk and lean on a wall all give off messages to a women and you need to make sure you are giving off the right message.

How to seduce a woman

Body language that helps to seduce women:

1) You need to develop a graceful, arrogant sort of walk. Your posture needs to be straight, pull your shoulders back, stand up tall and show them you are proud of yourself.

2) When leaning against a wall, thrust your hips forward, with your legs apart, this position transmits a sexual message.

3) While your standing especially when leaning, hook your thumbs in your belt just above your pockets and point your fingers down towards your genitals, this also sends out a sexual message as you can imagine.

4) A nice big smile, if your teeth need fixing then get them fixed, girls love a great smile. Showing you brighten up the room with your smile, oozes confidence.

5) Open body language, don't sit with your arms crossed and your legs close together, open up. Have your arms opened and leaned back, your legs opened and relaxed and make sure your face is warm and inviting not like some-one who is bored.

6) If you encounter eye contact, hold your gaze longer than her. You need to show your not afraid or self-conscious, you don't care if she knows your checking her out.

7) A confident posture, it is very important to stand up tall and feel proud of yourself, you need to give off this confident persona and by having a good posture women will notice you are confident.

8) Get in her personal space and touch her, only do this though when you feel she as some interest for you, a way to see if you are able to move in closer to her personal space is to touch one of her accessories like her mobile or handbag and see how she reacts, if it is a good reaction start to move in closer.

How to seduce a woman